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Microsoft Office training that inspires? Really?

All in the interests of marital harmony

I’ve been teaching business users for something like twenty years now, so you can imagine I’ve taught a lot of people and it takes a lot for someone to stick in my mind. However some time ago I was training a group of people at a large organisation and at the start of the course, where you do the introductions et cetera there was this one woman, Geraldine, who was a bit downbeat. She said she wasn’t very good with Excel, tried to learn at home, but her husband stood behind her and told her how useless she was. You can imagine the reaction in the room and mine in particular as the person about to start teaching them! I immediately reassured her that she’d be fine on the course and that I would teach her a couple of things that would shut up her husband. All in the interests of marital harmony, you understand.  One of the things I showed her was creating a chart by pressing F11, and to be honest I don’t think she was particularly impressed. As is often the case when your freelance trainer I finished the day and didn’t think much more of it, apart from reflecting on how Geraldine might get on.

Two weeks later I was training at the same organisation and during my lunch break who should burst into the room but Geraldine, full of enthusiasm, saying that F11 was fantastic and that it had shut her husband up. Not only that but she’d implemented in her work some of the other things I taught her and people in her office were referring to her as “the Excel person” and were asking her how to do stuff that they didn’t know. And of course, having to find answers for other people motivates you and makes you better with the program.

“You’re our Excel expert”  [Top]

Another user was doing some temporary administration work and on her first morning was asked to analyse 40,000+ records. Unsure where to begin she contacted us and we ran through how to create a Pivot Table in Excel  - while we’re speaking of them, Pivot Tables are an Excel feature that allows you to analyse your data and then move the data around easily (pivot it) - (Incidentally, they’re really easy once you’ve been shown how. Pivot Tables are easier than most of the formulae and functions in Excel and are forgiving - you don’t like it, then delete it or re-organise it). The next day she went into work, created the Pivot table, presented it to her manager and left it at that. The manager seemed pleased but not overly so. Two days later another staff member approached our intrepid Pivot Tables and said “Can you help me with such-and-such in Excel, I’ve been told you’re our Excel expert.”

It’s people and stories like that that make me love my work.

Save time, money & effort  [Top]

Automating tasks really saves time, but it also helps stop errors. Once the automation is set up, that’s it, it will work correctly for ever.

We saved one user all day, every Monday. She receives nine reports every Monday and it took all day to collate, analyse and report on them. We automated it and it now takes approximately 10 minutes.

Another user had to produce statistics on staff’s expenses. This was taking him 40 minutes every day. After we automated it it took approximately 20 seconds.

The Legal department of a large organisation requested some advice on using Microsoft Outlook. In a 10 minute consultation we showed them the best way to use them for their needs and this saved them £50,000 in licensing fees on some other bespoke software. Other departments used the same bespoke software and the total saving when they used it was in the region of £100,00 per year.