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The scenario

Twice a year Management Advisors of London brought over 20 or so delegates to learn management skills, with a view to helping their countries prosper. Two weeks of the three month course was devoted to computer learning.

“Fantastic training and atmosphere. We all agreed this was great. Thank you.”

Daniel Matabese, Lesotho Water Project

The Solution

In addition to providing computer training for the delegates we arranged to provide each one with a computer which they took back to their country when the course in the UK was completed.

Training these delegates was always a delight and left us with a sense we were doing something worthwhile and that was going to be of real value when they returned to their home countries.

Management Advisors, London (MAL)

Management Advisors ran courses for delegates from developing countries, part of which was two weeks of computer training.

MAL arranged the training via The British Council and delegates came to the UK for a three month period.