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Details of the next “Let’s Get Haywards Heath Computing - Effectively! event will appear here shortly

Let’s Get Haywards Heath Computing - EFFECTIVELY!

Backed by Sir Nicholas Soames, LGHHCE is a local initiative to help Haywards Heath businesses and their staff become more effective with their use of  computers. We are passionate about helping people to get their computer work done quickly, accurately and professionally.

Ask any business owner what they would want if you could give them one thing to make their business more competitive and the answer is always more time. None of us have enough time, we start work early, work through lunch breaks, stay late, check emails from home in the evening and at weekends. We’re all time-poor, from the business owner to the admin clerk desperately trying to sort out this week’s expense claims before the employees revolt.

This campaign, Let’s Get Haywards Heath Computing – Effectively,  is about helping businesses to improve their computer-productivity using standard software packages.  It’s not about selling upgrades, add-ons or apps – it’s about how you use the tools you already have.  

So how do we go about it? Huge time-savings can be made by automating tasks.  One business saved two working months per year.  How? They had one employee receiving nine spreadsheets every Monday, which they then spent all day collating and analysing to prepare reports. We helped them to automate this and now, with the click of a button, it takes 20 minutes once a week.

This initiative is about giving businesses in Haywards Heath a competitive edge; helping their staff to use their existing software more effectively.  As well as automating tasks we offer simple productivity tips on short-cuts and quick correction tools using the minimum effort.  There is almost always a quicker way to get professional results and that’s what Let’s Get Haywards Heath Computing – Effectively is all about. One example: to create a chart in Excel, we’ll show you how to do that with just one key press.  

Sometimes when we show people these quick ways we tell them how much we love shortcuts, because all we really want to do is get the work done and sit in the sun drinking beer. Of course it’s a case of knowing your audience, but  we say this for two reasons: one, it reassures them that they haven’t just got some show-off-at-the-front-of-the-room computer nerd teaching them;  and two, it points out  that it doesn’t have to be the way it is, there is a simpler, quicker way, and whether their reason to get the work done faster and better is because they want to sit in the sun drinking beer, get a promotion, go to watch a film with their wife or a football match with their friends, or maybe get home on time so they can read their kids a book, hopefully we can help make that achievable.

Free 20-minute Microsoft Applications productivity session for up to eight of your staff.

So this is the sales bit. It’s as salesey as we get – lol, the sales bit and we’re giving away free sessions . . . to help Haywards Heath businesses compute more effectively we’re offering free 20-minute Microsoft Applications productivity sessions at your premises, for up to eight of your staff. No obligation, no catch, no money changes hands.

To book your session fill out the form here.