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In this training course we've distilled the top features within Microsoft Office which are guaranteed to make you appear the best with Microsoft Office in your organisation. This knowledge comes from twenty years helping thousands of end users become more proficient at using Microsoft Office, from organisations as diverse as the SAS (yes, that SAS), Philips Lighting, Philips Healthcare, Pfizer, Hertfordshire County Council, Age Concern UK, American Express, Dominica Banana Marketing Corporation, Lambeth Council, Chandler-Chicco (PR) Agency; Respironics; Rohm & Haas, Gillette, North Herts NHS Trust, The Metropolitan Police and many more.

There are two main reasons I use the "secret" features I'm about to show you - and I strongly recommend you use them too. The first reason is that they are copper-bottomed ways to save either time or get my work done more effectively. The second reason may seem a little shallow, but has stood me in good stead throughout my computing career, and that is to show other people that I know more about the Microsoft Office programs than they do. I always try to do this in as humble a way as possible, because to be perfectly honest, if I can do these things you can do them too, but with the kind of work I do, when visiting prospective clients' offices, I want to make as big an impact as quickly as I can. Experience has shown that these top tips are a proven way to do this.

The features you'll learn on this training are sure-fire winners to get your work done professionally and fast - so show them off, don't be shy, make sure everyone around you realises that you know how to create a personalised Ribbon - with your name on it - in Microsoft Office, or how to create a chart in Excel by just pressing one key, and can change uppercase text to lowercase with just two key presses. And that's just the start!

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