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Show your boss, colleagues and that cute girl/guy in the accounts department that you’re the best at Microsoft Office!

Yeah, maybe that’s a little shallow, but who cares? If it makes you stand out from the crowd - USE IT!

Here’s the story of why the book exists . . . When I started in computing a contractor taught me something I’ve kept with me:- The permanent staff at the company resented him as they were paid less. He told me he had at least five things  “up his sleeve” that  he knew that they wouldn’t know , and he would use them to prove his worth whenever he needed to - either to the permanent staff or management.

Not one to do things by half, I’ve collated a huge number of Top Tips from 20+ years experience of providing Microsoft Office training to staff from companies all over the UK. I know which are the most popular and the most useful tips. And that’s what’s in this book:-

Microsoft Office ‘Secret’ Top Tips.

Stories like Geraldine’s, who just wanted a chance to learn and is now her office’s “Excel expert,” and another user who learned some of these TOP TIPS.

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Just a few of the Amazon reviews

“Recommend for anyone wanting to be an office ninja!”

“The author has an easy, conversational style and an overwhelming belief that there is always an easy or easier way to get a Microsoft Office task done.”

“. . . showed me exactly how much time I had been wasting!”