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The scenario

Philips Healthcare had an existing, semi-automated Sales Tracker spreadsheet but required some help with the final stages of  its automation.

The user had some very specific requirements and design ideas which we needed to incorporate into the finished product.

Philips Healthcare is a company that provides high quality healthcare devices, solutions, and services to their customers. These deliver innovative, integral technology solutions that are designed to improve the quality and delivery of care while lowering costs.

From MRI scanners and 3-d High Definition  viewing to personal health products, Philips is at the forefront of healthcare.

“So far so good I think we are there ;o)

Thanks for your help with this I will test to destruction this week!

It looks the business to be honest. Thanks for all of your help.”

Steve Tomkins, General Manager – Southern District, Philips Healthcare

The Solution

This was a complex situation, dealing with an existing Sales Tracker spreadsheet with existing macros. Also somewhat of a moving target as the Sales Tracker was already in use and so we were trying to hit a moving target. Despite this we got a terrific result for the user, as can be seen by his comment above.